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Mattinata del Gargano


Four Bays with four Beaches, among the most beautiful in the world... 
History and Nature... Spectacular Landscapes 
Gastronomy, Excellence of the Apulian Cuisine

The great naturalistic and scenic wealth of Gargano makes this area a place loved by tourists of all ages and backgrounds. This short guide contains some practical tips to help you find out about the most important tourist destinations in the National Park and some suggestions for your next holiday in Gargano: beaches, events, places of interest not to be missed.
The San Matteo Resort Club is waiting for you with excursions, trips, guided tours in a spectacular region, to make your holiday a unique experience of relaxation, excellent cuisine, views and spectacular landscapes...

Experience the Gargano 

Discover the "Gargano" show

Monte Sant'Angelo

...22 Km from Mattinata

Situated in an admirable position (843 m asl) it is famous for the sanctuary of San Michele Arcangelo (UNESCO heritage site) and is a destination for Christian pilgrims since the sixth century.

San Giovanni Rotondo

......38 Km from Mattinata 

Famous throughout the world for hosting the remains of San Pio da Pietralcina, a Capuchin friar who lived for a long time in the homonymous city, it is a place and destination for religious tourism.


...39 Km from Mattinata 

Vieste is the easternmost municipality of the Gargano promontory. The town stands on a rocky peninsula whose two points (San Francesco Point and Santa Croce Point) divide the three large sandy bays.

Foresta Umbra

...22 Km from Mattinata 

The Umbra Forest represents the green lung of the Gargano National Park and continues up to about 830 m above sea level. This millennial forest has almost completely conserved its flora.

Santa Maria di Pulsano

...30 Km from Mattinata 

The Abbey of Santa Maria di Pulsano is a monastic complex located in Monte Sant'Angelo, in Gargano (province of Foggia). Its hermitages are an Italian Environmental Fund (FAI) "luogo del cuore" (lit. place of the heart).

Castel del Monte

...120 Km from Mattinata 

Built by Frederick II of Swabia in the 13th century, the castle, with its massive octagonal structure, dominates the small stretch of the western Murge area, 18 km from Andria.

Experience the Gargan

Discover the "Gargano" show

The 4-star San Matteo Resort Tourist Village is also the solution for those looking for a naturalistic and hiking holiday in Gargano.
Some tips and advice for lovers of nature and the excellence of a Unique Territory...
To help you discover this land of immense panoramic, natural, historical and cultural wealth, we recommend some sites and activities to experience this area, a programme, a vademecum that we have called "Experience Gargano".
Our recommendations in the "Experience Gargano" to go beyond the sea and the white beaches:

  • Excursion to Castel del Monte with visit to the Castle and lunch on site, with guide; 

  • Excursion to Alberobello with visit to the Trulli with guide; 

  • Excursion by bus to Monte Sant'Angelo at the Sanctuary of San Michele Arcangelo including admission, visit to the "lunno" historic centre and lunch on site, with guide; 

  • Food and wine evening at the Resort with dinner dedicated to tasting of cheeses and typical products, also "Il Casaro", desserts and wines typical of Puglia; 

  • Excursion on foot from the San Matteo Village to Monte Saraceno, with guide; 

  • "Apulian Cuisine" course with our Chef Michele Ferrantino with a certificate of participation; 

  • Excursion to the Sea Caves between Mattinata and Vieste, short or long version, but always in a single day, starting in the morning, with bus from the Resort and return in about 4-6 hours, with boat, stop at the beach between ridges and spectacular colours , sound and aperitif on board.

#Trulli of Alberobello 

Guided tour to Alberobello, UNESCO site, destination for tourists from all over the world due to the historical and architectural charm of the trulli, a typical rural building of the past... 
A wonderful experience for the entire family.

#Castel of Frederick II

Guided tour of the octagonal castle of Frederick II, a Swabian Emperor who loved Puglia...
Castel del Monte, UNESCO site, continuous destination of tourists from all over the world due to the historical and architectural value of the site. 
A great experience for the entire family.

#Sea Caves

Guided tour by boat to the sea caves, along the coast between Mattinata and Vieste, between sheer cliffs and enchanting beaches... a suggestive and exciting boat trip, along one of the most beautiful coasts in the world.
A great experience for the entire family.

#Apulian cooking course 

Apulian cooking course, now an important appointment during the holiday, a surprisingly engaging activity for the whole family, a small demonstration - course in cooking a few typical dishes of the Puglia tradition. The Chef issues a certificate of participation.
A great experience for the entire family.

#Excursion to Monte Saraceno 

Excursion on foot to Monte Saraceno. A way to go for a walk with a low level of difficulty, between breathtaking landscapes and the unique colours of Gargano, historical and archaeological site, among the remains of past civilizations.
An experience for the entire family, even children.

#Dinner by the sea 

Dinner by the sea, at the equipped beach of the village, in a suggestive setting, by candlelight... all with the background of the sea. 
One of the events most requested by guests, to experience with the whole family.
Of course, all seasoned with the authentic flavours of Puglia.

#Tasting evening

An evening event with the tasting of typical Gargano products, desserts and local wines, all at the "Piana Matino" restaurant of the Village Resort.
Flavours and aromas of Puglia. 
An experience for the whole family.

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